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Mr.Katori Yoshito ,you are a rock star

 投稿者:psychoo  投稿日:2018年 5月 2日(水)18時41分46秒
  i am from china and sorry that i can not speaking Japanese,i just can't help saying something.
an article written by Yoshii Shinobu leads me here,http://www.qdaily.com/articles/52504.html
i am totally shocked by your website,can't believe it.i found some bands here which have disbanded not less than 10 years ago and even have no traces on internet anymore,that's amazing.
when i was teenage i always went to so called club watching rock bands show in beijing,that was very different from performances nowadays,you should know what i mean,it was chaotic and disordered but full of primitive power.
inevitably a lot of bands were gone,but it is pity that there were no single traces of them in present day,not to mention hearing them online again,it's like they have never existed.
your website is like time machine,brought back a lot of memories for me, reminded me of my youth.
i just want to say thank you for everything you did.
you are a real rock star.


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