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Thank you Mr. Yiren

 投稿者:z.s.  投稿日:2021年 7月17日(土)11時50分45秒
  Hi, have been a long time reader of your site. Every bit of my CN rock music pursuit began here, since I was still in high school. I was able to collect most (not all, sadly, still trying though) of the omnibuses (compilations) in the 90s.It was hands down the golden era of CN music. Admittedly most of the materials were raw and lifting / imitation was very common, but I still appreciate the bands / rock musicians passion, dynamism and resolve back then. Too bad many of them vanished without actually leaving a trace but it's heartwarming to know that some were still active and going strong (I even personally reached out to some more obscure artists to know they're doing well, which was a big relief).

Anyways, thank you so much for your chronicle of CN rock history as well as the bands trivia. If you need help with updating the new wiki site I'm more than happy to help. (I kind of wanted to start the same initiative with British bands in the late 70s DIY movement - I see the same vibrancy in it as Beijing's rock music scene, but decades earlier).

Cheers and Best Regards,
Z.S., an avid RocknRoll fan

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